Welcome to ANAB AB!

ANAB is a Swedish company that offers sourcing, marketing, consulting and research to companies that would like to benefit from strategic opportunities both in Sweden and China.

Since ANAB is a company, we are willing to work with different things in miscellaneous fields, even low volume. We assure you to help you fulfill your vision as well as your expectations at the end of the day.

Our goal is to be like an extended arm of your operation and increase your profits through granting you our excellent assistance. Kindly feel free to contact us and experience a wonderful gain!

Things we sell:

Workshop equipment: Car lifts, Tyre changer, AC-equipment, Play detectors, Fuel injection tester, Measure instruments,           Car parts: Xenon lamps/bulbs, balasts & kits, Car tuning parts, Stainless mufflers, Stainless manifolds, Turbo charger, Timing covers, Control arms, Distributor, Carburator, Cylinder heads, Ignitions, Air cleaner, Engine support, Other: Plastic details, Gift advertise, and many more.